Covid and Weather Updates

In Harmony Music believes that the health and safety of families and teachers must come first. As early childhood educators, we must balance the commitment to delivering high-quality music education during these most formative years while considering recommendations of the CDC, American Pediatric Society and local recommendations and guidelines. Due to the current reopening plans in the Bay Area, we are required to operate outdoors or online and cannot yet reopen our studios. We are following the reopening plans closely and hope to offer indoor classes this spring or as soon as it's safe to do so.

Online Classes:

Online classes provide uninterupted, full-length, personalized and engaging forty-five minute weekly learning and fun for the whole family. Classes are recorded and access to all classes and recordings is unlimited throughout the course of the session. Materials are delivered straight to your home within the first two weeks of the session- please be sure we have the best mailing address for you. Our online forums provide community within the classes and additional resources and guidance for your family. Participating from the comfort of home, and having access to class from anywhere anytime has been a tremendous plus for all of our online families. Our classes are facilitated by professionals, yet the primary teacher is YOU! So online teaching works extremely well as long as the grown-ups in the household are fully engaged and participating. Children are NOT expected to stare at the screen or participate alone. If you would like more information about how our classes do not contribute to screen-time and are following the standards for Best Practice in Early Childhood Learning, please contact us:) 

Outdoor Classes: 

In-person classes are currently held outdoors, following city guidelines and recommendations and may be canceled or moved online at any time. All in-person classes are limited to 8 families maintaining 6 feet of physical distance at all times. Masks must be worn by children over 2 and all participating adults, and hands must be sanitized upon entry. Each family must bring a set of instruments/ props for use not to be shared with others. Sick children and adults must stay home and attend online. Any makeups for missed in-person classes must be scheduled in one of our online classes. Families bring a waterproof blanket (8 feet apart) and their own set of instruments weekly (a bag with a few instruments is distributed week one for you to add to and bring each week). Music materials are mailed directly to your door within the first two weeks. Please make sure we have your correct mailing address.

No refunds are issued when state or local COVID-19 regulations, air quality restrictions or inclement weather require in-person classes to be canceled-- all classes will be honored online if not in person until such a time that in-person classes can be resumed.


Weather and Air FAQs:

Air Quality: During fire season, we unfortunately need to move our outdoor classes online if the air is considered unsafe. We use as our primary resource in addition to comparing others such as We do not hold classes outdoors if the air is considered unsafe for sensitive groups or above roughly a 90 AQI. In addition to these sources, our teachers decide if they are comfortable teaching outdoors with their personal health considerations in mind.
Weather: Winter in California is beautiful! However, on rainy days or if the temperature is in the 40s or below, we will likely move class online. We wait until the last possible moment to give our outdoor classes the greatest chance to "run" on any particular day. Therefore, it's important to opt-in for text alerts or check email an hour to two hours before class in the case class is being held online on any particular day.
Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and continued support as we navigate the current challenges together!