Why do Families Love In Harmony Music?

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"The online classes have brought us so much joy during these dark times! These classes are the highlight of our week!" 

Music Together® Parent

"As a new mom and new to town, Music Together was a lifesaver! It gave my daughter a much-needed creative outlet and gave me an opportunity to meet other parents. After almost 3 years in the program, my children love MT, and are crazy about Justine."

Music Together Parent

"I was so worried screen time wouldn't work for us. These online classes create so much fun and engagement for the whole family, we don't count it as screen time at all!"

Rhythm Kids Parent

"This amazing experience developed by Music Together LLC is creating new pathways of expression for our family with every class. We live this music. Justine embodies the principals of this program...this is the gift of music in motion."

Music Together Parent

"Just wanted to let you know sincerely how much Music Together has meant to our family. We began with our daughter when she was 6 months old, and could barely sit up. The first semester was more about something to do together to get us out of the house. We learned some fun songs and got used to the idea of exposing the baby to all kinds of music. In the past two years it has grown to be a huge part of our lives. Music is our family time, a reward, a comfort, an activity that we can all participate in. Our little one asks for specific songs, makes music on her own, makes up her own words, and dances every chance she gets. We share everything from the Beatles to the Frozen soundtrack to the Drive-by-Truckers. When this 2-year-old needs to let off steam, she gets her shakers and makes a beat. Music is both calming and energizing for our family. Our toddler associates music with movement, and even got her grandfather making the handle and spout with her when she does the little teapot song. MT is providing a foundation and a community where our family can explore and enjoy music and make friends. The MT songs are great - some are songs I haven't heard since childhood, and others are new to us. I think part of the reason our child is so interested in trains is because there is a train song in almost every collection. She makes trains out of blocks, noodles, books, and animals, and we make train sounds as we chug around the house. What fun we have! Thank you for showing us freedom of movement and silliness along with the soothing comfort of music."

Music Together Parent

"The Music Together curriculum has allowed my son and me to connect with one another through rhythm and melody. And Justine's energy and enthusiasm are infectious! My son and I carry her energy home from class each week, leading to days and evenings filled with song and dance. She is one truly talented teacher."

Music Together Parent

"Until beginning Music Together, I didn't realize how much children can learn about music at such a young age..."

Music Together Parent

"Music Together is a huge part of our life...we can't wait for class each week and do all the activities at home as a family!"

Music Together Parent

I have to say, we really love the online class!  At first, when everything moved online, we were skeptical, but we have actually come to prefer it.  We can hear you and Tom so much better, and L is super engaged.  She is always so happy every time you say her name and when you guys react to what we type in the comments (we also love seeing your dogs, haha!). It's really nice too, that we have the option of Facebook or Zoom.  Also, because we can do this from the comforts of our own home, it has literally brought music exploration, appreciation, and literacy into our household and has been an amazing way to have family time together.  Hopefully once in-class resumes, an online option could still be available.

In Harmony Music Parent